P2P technology

PPIO has more than ten years of technology accumulation in P2P and has realized the largest P2P network in the Eastern Hemisphere.


P2P Overlay Network

Different from the common C/S network framework, in the P2P network environment, multiple computers connected to each other are in a peer-to-peer position without difference of principal and subordinate. The entire network generally does not rely on a dedicated centralized server. Each computer in the network can not only act as a requester of network services, but also respond to requests from other computers, providing resources, services, and content. Usually these resources and services include: information sharing and exchange, computing resources (such as CPU computing power sharing), storage sharing (such as the use of cache and disk space), network sharing (intelligent routing, data distribution). Many well-known applications, such as QQ, Skype, BitTorrent, PPTV, are developed based on the P2P principle.


Large-scale Commercial P2P Protocol

Traditional P2P protocols have been boycotted or blocked because they damage the operator’s network planning. We have cooperated with the P4P Working Group (P4PWG) to launch an improved P2P technology that is friendly to the operator’s network, which can significantly reduce the data transmission between ISP networks and successfully realize commercial use by hundreds of millions of users.


Data prediction and scheduling system

The data prediction and scheduling system is one of the key technologies for PPTV to achieve the ultimate user experience. In the P2P system, the data file is divided into many pieces for transmission. In the PPIO system, based on patented prediction algorithms and real-time network measurement, we perform intelligent task allocation and node scheduling for connections of different speeds, so as to make full use of node bandwidth resources and avoid data congestion.


Data-slicing transfer and end-to-end encryption service​​

The entire process of P2P data storage and transmission is end-to-end data encryption, coupled with the native slicing of P2P technology and the characteristics of distributed transmission, making data more secure and difficult to attack or steal.


More efficient network connectivity

Because the user-side network environment is extremely complex, it may be PCs, mobile phones, Internet of Things devices, the user side network may not have public IP or behind a firewall, the PPIO team has rich network experience and decades of engineering accumulation, so that PPIO can achieve very efficient network connection and weak network transmission capacity.