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PPIO Blockchain, which combines blockchain technology with distribution and storage scenarios

PPIO successfully combines blockchain technology with transmission and storage scenarios to form a PPIO Block chain. PPIO Blockchain is not only a chain, but also a safe, reliable and efficient storage distribution platform.

Application scenario

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    Decentralized application

    Based on the PPIO Blockchain API, you can easily develop DApps to use the transmission and storage resources on the PPIO Blockchain. Of course, if you want to provide transmission or storage resources and obtain value, you can also access PPIO Blockchain based on this API to provide services

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    Data exchange

    PPIO Blockchain acts as a safe and credible transaction intermediary, so both buyers and sellers of file assets can safely complete peer-to-peer transactions on PPIO Blockchain at a very low cost and with high efficiency.

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    Media stream

    PPIO provides cost-effective bandwidth resources that can help significantly reduce the cost of content distribution. In addition, PPIO has designed a dedicated state channel protocol specifically for streaming media. Traditional streaming media solutions based on this protocol can be seamlessly migrated to PPIO Blockchain to achieve blockchain.

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    Content acceleration

    PPIO Blockchain's unique probabilistic micropayments solution is very suitable for multi-point accelerated download scenarios. This solution can achieve download and settlement at the same time, high-speed multi-point download and real-time correct settlement at the same time, so as to obtain a good user experience.

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    Private data storage

    Due to its decentralized nature, PPIO's storage network is very suitable for dedicated network storage applications. PPIO's proprietary storage certification and scheduling algorithms can ensure the availability, security, and integrity of user data.

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    Enterprise data storage

    PPIO uses edge nodes to store data, which can greatly reduce the cost of enterprise data storage. At the same time, multiple backup storage and advanced p2p technology can provide high-performance data access services.

PPIO goes from private chain to alliance chain to public chain

In order to reduce system complexity and improve system performance, PPIO has adopted a hierarchical and gradual transitional technical route to realize the PPIO blockchain. The currently released system is in the stage of weak centralization. In the future, as the number of participating nodes increases and proves The efficiency of the algorithm is improved, and it is upgraded to a consortium chain, and finally evolved into a completely decentralized public chain.


zkRollup-Efficient Layer 2 expansion solution

zkRollup is a newer Layer2 expansion technology. It can transfer a large amount of computing work required for state changes on the chain from on-chain to off-chain, greatly improving the Blockchain's ability to process transactions per unit time.

PPIO combines zkRollup with transport storage scenarios to build an efficient, secure, and highly available storage distribution platform. At the same time, the zkRollup solution on PPIO Blockchain has a high degree of compatibility and portability. In theory, it can be built based on any other blockchain that supports smart contracts.


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